The demise of information security

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Monday 15 May 2017

Economics vs cyber security, why #wannacry can happen

When a backdoorOn Friday the 12th of May, the cyber world received a wake-up call, a backdoor became a public entrance! The outbreak locked up the IT infrastructure of citizens, public and private organizations in rapid pace and it seemed unstoppable until somebody found the "kill switch". Again, it proofs that governmental controlled backdoors are extremely dangerous for the safety of us all and it should not be taken lighthearted.

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Tuesday 25 April 2017

Effective inefficiency

Effective inefficiency We're doing the right things when looking at frameworks, methodologies and/or best practices but we do not look at if we're doing things right.

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Thursday 19 January 2017

The good, the bad and the (un)known

The_good__the_bad_and_the_known.jpg Information Security or Cyber Security relies on a model which we applied for years, since the very early days. This model changed very little, comfort has set in and unfortunately we are in situation where we rely too much on it almost like an addiction which prevents us from thinking about something new and question it.

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Friday 25 November 2016

Privacy is not a currency

Privacy_is_not_a_currency.jpg A few days ago when I attented a blockchain roundtable, someone said the currency of today is privacy. You pay with privacy the use of services such as Facebook, Gmail or anything other. I beg to disagree..

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Wednesday 26 October 2016

Internet: out of service until further notice

Internet_out_of_service.jpg For those active in cyber security the Friday Distributed Denial of Service attack on Dyn did not come as a surprise. Many of us use a statement; the question is not what if but when.

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